We are healing and thriving together!

Dear Patients and Friends of Light & Joy Acupuncture,

We encourage you to wear a mask in the common areas and mask is optional when you are in treatment room. We, staff and practitioners, are wearing masks to make sure you are comfortable and protected while you are with us. We always have hand sanitizer and mask available for everyone. In each room, HEPA filter is on at all times. High traffic areas are sanitized regularly.

We offer in person and telemedicine visit to support you and your family’s health care needs.  

If you need specific supplements:
1. We can order and either ship to your directly or you can pick up in our office
2. You can order directly through our online dispensary via our online dispensary website at:

We look forward to working with you,

Yoevita Wrensch L.Ac.
Light & Joy Acupuncture